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What ist Flipcar?

With FlipCar you are able to rent a car for only 1€. How does it work? Car rental companies have to transport their cars from A to B regularly. The FlipCar app shows you at a glance where to take them!
If there is a suitable trip for you, you can easily book it in the app. Just as in a normal car rental, you pick up the car from the station and return it to its destination. Cool, isn’t it?

What's the catch on Flipcar?

What’s gone is gone! Since logistics trips don’t take place all the time, you might not be able to find exactly the trip you want. So check it out from time to time, new trips are added almost every day.

How old do I have to be and how long do I have to have a driving licence?

A minimum age of 21 years applies to all FlipCar rides. Please ensure that you have been in possession of a valid Class B driving licence for at least 12 months.

Does FlipCar work on my smartphone?

Your iPhone must have at least iOS version 11.0 or later installed.


An Android smartphone should be equipped with a location and acceleration sensor as well as the operating system “Marshmallow” (6.0) or higher installed.

To use FlipCar you must have an existing internet connection.

Can I be notified of available rides?

Yes, with our city alert you will be notified via push message as soon as rides to your favourite destinations are available. You can easily select your favourites in the FlipCar app.

Registration and account

How do I register?

To use FlipCar, you must first download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. After that, follow the steps for registering in the app. Once you’ve successfully registered, you’ll be logged in to book your first ride.

What kind of data is collected during the registration process?

To register with FlipCar, you must provide your phone number, full name, date of birth and email address. You are probably wondering why we need this information from you. Here is why:

Phone number: We want to make sure that you are a real person.

Name: When you rent a car with FlipCar, we provide your name to our partners so that you can pick up the car easily.

Date of birth: We want to make sure that you are above 21 years old and can rent a car with us. If you are younger, you cannot rent a car yet and will have to be patient.

E-Mail Adress: If you rent a car, we will send you a booking confirmation and an invoice to your e-mail address.

Can other users see my email address or other information from me?

No, other users have no access or insight into your personal data. If you have any further questions, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Will my information be lost if I delete the app?

If you delete or remove the app, your profile will not be lost. You can therefore delete FlipCar and install it on another device and continue using it as usual.

How do I delete or reactivate my account?

If you want to delete your account, you can do so in the app under: “Profile” > “Edit Profile” > “Delete Your Account” (at the very bottom).

Within one month your account can be reactivated as soon as you log in to the app again. If you do not do this, your account will be completely deleted.
Attention, a deleted profile cannot be reactivated.

Booking and reservation


Flipcar Car Rental Terms and Conditions adapted for Flipcar Rental

Here you will find the rental conditions of our partners, which have been specially adapted for you and your FlipCar trips. They do not include additional fees for young drivers, one-way rentals or fuel. Thus we ensure that you always travel from A to B with FlipCar for 1 €. 


 BMW Rent | MINI Rent

What do the symbols below my trip mean?

Starting from car dealer

Your ride starts directly from the dealer. Your car is usually parked at rental companies, car dealerships or service providers.

Driving to car dealer

Your ride ends directly at the dealership. You bring the car back to rental companies, car dealerships or service providers.

Starting from private

Your ride starts from a private address. You pick up the vehicle directly at the house, apartment or agreed address.

Driving to private

Your ride ends at a private address. You deliver the car directly to the house, apartment or agreed location.

From 25+ years

You can only book this ride if you are 25 or older. Sorry kids.

Electric car

Watchout, you’r riding electric now. Make sure that your battery is always sufficiently filled.


Easymode – your car is automatic. D, P, R, N is all you need.


Show your shifting skills. From 1st to 6th – just like Tokyo Drift.

No Flipcoins needed

You don’t need Flipcoins for this ride.

Flipcoins needed

You can book this trip only with enough Flipcoins. You earn Flipcoins with every ride. 

Is my trip insured? What is the FlipCar protection package?

Basic insurance cover

Each trip is covered by a fully comprehensive insurance with retention. How much the retention for a trip is, can be found in the app in the booking details. If you want to insure your retention, you can simply book one of our FlipCar protection packages in the app.

FlipCar protection package

The FlipCar protection package covers your retention in case of an accident. In the event of a settled claim, you will be reimbursed up to 2500€ via the retention insurance. You can find everything about the insurance cover in the insurance conditions and in the overview.

FlipCar Protection Package Plus

With the protection package+ we offer you the maximum flexibility. In addition to all the advantages of the FlipCar protection package, you can cancel your trip free of charge up to an hour before departure.

What does deposit mean?

A deposit is usually reserved on your credit or debit card to provide security for possible additional costs, such as fines for speeding. The entire deposit will be released immediately after the trip without incident. You can find out how much the deposit is, in each individual case, in the FlipCar app in the booking details. If no amount is indicated for the deposit, no deposit will be reserved for the trip.


Although the deposit is released immediately after the trip, it may take up to three working days, depending on the bank, before the amount is available again on the credit or debit card.

If it takes more than 10 days, contact the rental agency using your rental contract number and send us an email to and we will support you.

What does retention mean?

Retention (e.g. 850€ retention) means the excess with which you are liable for any damage and which you must deposit with your EC or credit card. You can find out how high the retention for your trip is in the booking details in the app.

Can I reduce my retention?

Sure! You can easily book one of our FlipCar protection packages via the app. In this way you can secure your retention in the event of damage and the amount will be reimbursed by our insurance partner.

What do I have to consider before booking?

Please have a close look at the rental conditions of the car rental company before making a reservation (available in the app during the respective trip). For example, age limits may vary. Make sure you meet all conditions before making a reservation.

Payment methods

We offer you the possibility to book rides via your Paypal account or with your credit card.

Do I always get the vehicle that is displayed in the app?
These are always example vehicles and vehicle models may also vary.
What is a surprise car?

If a surprise car is shown to you, you will be given a randomly selected vehicle when you pick it up. Please note that the number of seats and the size of the trunk may vary depending on the vehicle.

Can I see whether the vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission?

Unfortunately, we cannot bindingly state whether your car has a manual or automatic transmission.

Will I have to pay any additional costs when I pick up the car?

No, unless you want to book additional services (e.g. a child seat or reduction of the retention).

How spontaneously can I book a FlipCar?
With FlipCar you get from A to B spontaneously. To get your FlipCar ready for you, our partners need about two hours in advance, so that you can pick up a clean and fully fuelled car.
Can I cancel a reservation?

A reservation is binding. Are you unsure if anything might come up at short notice? Then simply book the FlipCar protection package+ and you can cancel free of charge up to one hour before the start of the trip. Please send us an email  with your reservation number.

Can I reschedule my reservation?

Whether or not a trip has to be rescheduled varies from trip to trip, as FlipCar trips are only available for a certain period of time.


To change your reservation, please send us an e-mail with your reservation number and desired date to, at least 48 hours before departure. We will then check if a rebooking is possible.

Do I rent the car directly from FlipCar?

No, you rent the car from a car rental company. FlipCar only arranges the ride for you.

Is a ride transferable to friends, family or other FlipCar users?

No, trips are generally not transferable. This means that only the person who has made the reservation is allowed to start the journey.

Why do I not find a trip in my city?

FlipCar is about transfer rides, therefore FlipCars are not available everywhere, at any time. Using the city alert, you can be notified for your favourite cities as soon as a FlipCar is available.


PS: What’s gone is gone! Since logistic rides do not take place frequently, you may not be able to find exactly the ride you want.

A Trip with us

When do I have to pick up the vehicle?

We recommend to be on site 30 minutes before the specified start time of the trip.

How does the collection of the vehicle proceed?

Collect at dealer

Register with the dealer on site and start the protocol in the app together with him. Together with you, they will then inspect the vehicle for any previous damage. Make sure that the vehicle is clearly visible in all photos, that the checklists are filled out, and that the employee signs for the pickup in the app. Afterwards, you will receive the key and can start your journey.

Attention: If you can’t make it in time for the pickup during the specified opening hours due to traffic, please contact Flipcar Support in time!


Collect from private adress

Report to the pickup address on site and start the protocol in the app. Make sure that the vehicle is clearly visible in all photos, that the checklists are filled out and that the person dropping off the vehicle signs in the app. Check the drop-off person’s ID and driver’s license against the data in the app. Only the deposited person is allowed to drop off the vehicle. After checking the personal details, you will receive the key and can start your journey.

Attention: If the person is not eligible to submit, contact support immediately.

What happens if I pick up the vehicle too late?

Please pay attention to the given times of the offered trip and be punctual. If you are late and a punctual transfer is no longer possible, we unfortunately have to charge a cancellation fee.

What happens if I don't pick up the car?

Then we have to charge you a cancellation fee. The amount will be debited directly from your credit card. Before making a reservation, please make sure that you are able to make the trip.

Do I have to pay for the fuel?

The first full tank is always included. On long trips it can happen that the first tank is not sufficient. In this case you must fill up with enough fuel to reach your destination safely. You will have to pay the extra costs yourself.


Important: You don’t have to fill up the car, just enough to make it to your destination.

How are the free kilometres regulated?

The required free kilometers including a buffer for possible detours through e.g. redirections are included.

May I take other people with me?

Yes, you can take other people along on your ride. Please make sure that only you drive the vehicle, because only you are registered as the driver for the journey and insured accordingly.

Can I take kids with me?

Of course, if necessary, please check in advance with the rental company’s branch to see whether a child seat needs to be provided, booked or brought along.

Can I take animals with me?

No, however if you have a transport cage, we recommend that you contact the rental company’s branch office prior to departure and ask for permission.

Does the FlipCar App navigates me?

Yes, just start the journey in the FlipCar App and you will be navigated directly to your destination. Please note: If you use another app for navigation, you will not receive FlipCoins for your trip.

How much time do I have for the trip?

You will find the usual travel time in the app in the booking details. After picking up the car, the journey must be started directly. For your trip with FlipCar, the travel time is calculated and permanently updated in the navigation. Thus traffic jams, road works etc. are included. Additionally, every trip has a buffer, so that you arrive relaxed at your destination.


Why do you have to drive off directly? The destination station is already waiting for the vehicle for the next customer and still has to prepare it.

How is it regulated if, even though I leave on time, my arrival at my destination is delayed due to a traffic jam, construction sites or similar?

For your journey with FlipCar, the journey time is dynamically calculated. So traffic jams, construction sites etc. are included. In addition, each trip has a buffer, so that you arrive relaxed at your destination. If you still arrive late and are not responsible for this, you will not incur any extra costs.

Can I make detours or stop in between?

Detours and intermediate stops that deviate from the direct route are not permitted. A break at rest stops to eat something or to go to the toilet is of course allowed and desired. If the car rental company finds a detour that is not due to traffic or normal breaks, you may have to pay extra fuel and mileage.

What happens in an accident?

In case of an accident, please immediately contact the police and the car rental company from which you received the vehicle.


If the FlipCar protection package is active for your trip, please fill out the damage claim form and send it to

Can I charge my phone while driving?

That depends on the vehicle. Many vehicles have a USB port. Therefore you can take your USB cable with you and with a bit of luck charge your mobile phone. If you want to be sure, you can bring a charging cable with adapter for e.g. the cigarette lighter.

What happens if my phone goes off while driving?

This is not bad as long as you arrive at your destination on time. But you won’t get FlipCoins for this trip.

What happens if the navigation system or the app crashes?

In case the navigation unexpectedly crashes you can simply use another navigation app, e.g. Google Maps. You will not receive any FlipCoins for this trip, but you are welcome to contact our support team at and we will immediately check if the FlipCoins can be credited.

Can I return the vehicle to another branch?

No, the vehicle must return to its specified destination. It is therefore not permitted to park the vehicle at another location or branch.

How does the trip end?
When you have reached your destination, you can stop the ride in the app.
Do I have to return the car with a full tank of fuel?

No. The first tank of fuel is always included, with which you can drive almost all routes relaxed. If the fuel is not enough for a longer distance, you would have to refuel at your own expense as much (but not full) to get to your destination.

Where do I have to park the car?

Please park your car at your destination directly on the landlord’s parking lot and not on public parking lots. If there is no parking space available, please ask at the station where you should park the car.

How does the return of the car proceed?

Drop off at a dealer

Register with the dealer on site and start the protocol in the app together with him. Together with you, they will then inspect the vehicle for possible damage. Make sure that the vehicle is clearly visible in all photos, the checklists are filled out and the recipient signs the delivery in the app. After that, your ride will be automatically completed and Flipcoins will be credited to you. Simply hand over the key to the staff of the rental company, car dealership or service provider at your destination. Together with you, they will then inspect the vehicle for possible damage.

Attention: If you can’t make it to the drop-off in time due to traffic, please contact Flipcar Support in time!


Drop off at a private person

Report to the recipient’s address on the spot and start the protocol in the app together with him/her. Make sure that the vehicle is clearly visible in all photos, the checklists are filled out and the recipient signs the delivery in the app. After that, your ride will be automatically completed and Flipcoins will be credited to you. Check the recipient’s ID and driver’s license with the data in the app. Only the deposited person is allowed to accept the vehicle. After checking the personal data, hand over the key to the recipient.

Attention: If the person is not authorized to accept the key, contact support immediately.

What happens if the branch has already closed on return?

If you can’t make it to the drop-off in time due to traffic, please contact Flipcar Support in time!

What happens after the drop-off, how do I get back?

If there is no FlipCar available for your return, you will have to use conventional transport. However, we are always working to offer a wide range of options to cover your return journey.


What are FlipCoins?

FlipCoins are our own reward system, with which we reward reliable and careful drivers. If the app is activated, your driving style, route, driving time and vehicle class will be evaluated during the ride. After the ride you will receive an evaluation in the form of smileys and the number of collected FlipCoins.

How do I earn FlipCoins?

For each successfully completed ride with us you will receive up to 5 Flpcoins.

Attention: You will only receive Flipcoins if you complete the ride with the Flipcar Navi.

How many FlipCoins do I earn per trip?

It all depends on how carefully you drive. In general, your driving style is assessed positively by a gentle driving style. In concrete terms, this means that a smooth start, anticipatory braking and gentle curves are rated positively. The route is evaluated according to the distance driven. If you follow the given navigation of the FlipCar App, you will get a happy smiley. If you take a detour without a reason, the smiley will unfortunately not be as happy and you will get fewer FlipCoins. The vehicle class also influences your FlipCoins. The higher the value of the vehicle, the more FlipCoins you can earn.

Do I get Flipcoins if the app is switched off while driving?

No, the condition in order to collect FlipCoins is that the app is activated throughout the entire trip. You can also run the app in the background, if you want to use an alternative navigation. However, if the app is completely closed or your mobile phone is switched off, you will not receive any FlipCoins.

What happens if I take a break and stop the car?

No worries, the app will continue to run and a break will not affect the number of FlipCoins you collect.

The app crashed while driving, what happens to my Flipcoins?

We make every effort to prevent our app from crashing. Should it happen, please let us know the reason for the crash and we will contact you with a FlipCoin voucher for your support.

What can I use Flipcoins for?

Mit FlipCoins kannst du Premiumfahrzeuge sowie Freifahrten buchen. Du siehst in den einzelnen Fahrten auf einen Blick, wieviel FlipCoins für diese Fahrt eingelöst werden müssen. Das können z.B. Fahrten mit Premiumfahrzeugen sein. Wenn du die benötigte Anzahl an FlipCoins auf deinem Konto hast, kannst du diese Fahrt buchen.

Do my Flipcoins expire?
Yes, FlipCoins expire after 36 months.
Can I convert my Flipcoins into cash?

No, you cant convert Flipcoins for cash.

Can I buy Flipcoins?

No, Flipcoins are not for sale – they are our own reward system and you will receive them for every ride you successfully complete. For each trip, your trip (detour, driving time and driving style) is automatically analyzed on your smartphone and rated accordingly. This enables us to guarantee that premium cars are only booked by experienced Flipcar users.