Your city. Your story.

„Show us your city, with which you associate something special“… according to this motto, FlipCar traveled across Germany with interesting people.


mit KAIBA 755

Das Ausnahmetalent Kaiba definiert einen neuen Sound im „New Age“ und reist oft nach Köln, um neue Songs aufzunehmen und den Vibe der Stadt zu erleben.



with Stefanie Langer

The passionate gamer Stefanie Langer (Twitch: playingpayang) shows us her city Wolfsburg, where her passion for gaming began and where Wolfsburg has more to offer than just cars. With her sunny nature, Stefanie can not only be seen in our Myflipstory, but also e.g. weekly as a presenter in the eSports & Gaming Magazine from ran eSports Magazin on ProSieben MAXX.


with Phil Porter

The Berlin artist Phil Porter shows us his fascination for the 20s and 30s and what makes Berlin’s nightlife so special to him.


with Silke Sollfrank

Silke is a professional stuntwoman and passionate Parkour runner. During her freeruns, she explores cities with her team „Ashigaru“ in her own way and does not only experience them but also „feels“ them.


with Paul Sydow

Warnemünde is close to Rostock and has been a very special place for Paul Sydow since his childhood. A breeze from the Baltic Sea to clear your head, a cozy walk on the beach along the seafront to the lighthouse – in Warnemünde time seems to stand still and offers pure relaxation.


with Nanuk

Discover Hamburg with Nanu – personal trainer, model, and passionate sportsman. He likes to explore cities best while jogging.


with Ümit Akbulut

The passionate hairdresser and skateboarder Ümit shows us what he associates especially with the streets of Bremen.

Lüneburg with Henni Kristin Wiedemann

♡ telling stories in pictures and words… Henni is an author and was able to recreate her childhood memories in Lüneburg with FlipCar.

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